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Built for automation

Ensure your mission-critical workflows aren't disrupted. See which Zaps are connected to your table, and get warnings before making a change that would trigger or break your workflows. With Tables, you can build automation seamlessly into your data processes.

Streamline your data

Create automated workflows that can consolidate and update data across any of the 5,000+ apps that connect with Zapier. Store, edit, share, and automate your data in one place so you can skip the tedious back and forth.

Enhanced for collaboration

Share data and connected Zaps with your team and external contributors for easy automating. With customizable permissions and unlimited seats, you can give the right data and controls to those who need it most.

What is Tables?

How Tables Works

Add your data

Get started with just a few clicks. Create a table from scratch or import existing data from a CSV. You can also easily move data to your table from any of Zapier's 5,000+ integration apps with a Zap.

Select records to move

Connect your Zaps

Start an automated workflow right from your table and easily see which Zaps are connected to it. You can process triggered records with a click and view updated records in real time. 

Need to make changes as your processes grow? Modify data while trusting your workflows are safe. We'll let you know of any issues with changes you make so you can confidently manage your Zaps.

Select a destination

Share with collaborators

Customize permission levels, assign unlimited seats, and see when collaborators make changes. Control who can modify data records, edit Zaps, or both. Whether you're creating automated workflows alongside your team or enabling them to follow along, Tables gives you full reins.

control when records move

Early Access Program

Stay updated on Zapier Tables and get access to an exclusive community, where you can work directly with the Zapier product team to share feedback and build solutions.

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minus iconHow can I try Tables?

All you need is a Zapier account to try Tables (beta) for free.

Don't have an account yet? Sign up for free.

minus iconWhere can I learn more about using Tables?

Check out this handy guide we built on getting started and using Tables!

minus iconHow is Tables different from other options out there?
Tables was built to be automation-first. Our solution allows Zapier users to easily manage their data in a way that enables—not breaks—their automated workflows.
minus iconWill I lose access to my tables or data after the beta closes?
If you still have access to your Zapier account, your tables and data won't be affected.
minus iconHow much does Tables cost?

Zapier Tables is free to get started. Tasks used with Tables will be counted towards your task limit, which varies based on your plan type.

Learn more about plan task limits